VOYAGE: 10 to 16 months of expert guidance along your creative journey

The VOYAGE option gives you comprehensive guidance
 through the entire revision
 process, typically over the course of 10 to 16 months. It includes
 two full rounds of in-depth
 development, access to coaching,
 a final review of your revised manuscript, plus an array of
 optional add-ons to
 tailor the process to your
 creative goals.

Here's what you get

  • One-on-one guidance over an extended period of time, adding up to hundreds of hours of expertise.
  • Targeted, personalised feedback that takes into account your creative goals.
  • A structured approach that keeps you motivated and moving forward: you choose a pace that suits you and I'll help you to stick to it.
  • Full control over your manuscript at all times: I'll advise you and cheer you on, but you're the one making all of the decisions and I'll have your back whichever path you choose to take.
  • A stronger manuscript, new skills and more confidence in yourself as a writer.

The core VOYAGE package includes:

  • 2 in-depth rounds of developmental editing. Each round, you'll get an extensive revision letter and detailed in-text guidance throughout the entirety your manuscript.
  • 8 additional coaching hours to use as you revise your manuscript between rounds, and the option to add on more hours at any time.
  • Personalised lists of resources and reading recommendations to inspire you and get your creative juices flowing.
  • A final review of your revised manuscript at the end of the process. You'll get another revision letter with feedback on the changes you've made and the next steps you could take.

Add-on services include:

  • Authenticity reading (also known as sensitivity reading or diversity reading), integrated seamlessly into the developmental rounds.
  • Guidance on your marketing materials: your blurb, author bio and promotional pull quotes.
  • Guidance on your submission materials: your query letter, synopsis and pitches.
  • A line-by-line polish of your first three chapters for submission purposes.

How it works

The core VOYAGE package:

The process begins with an in-depth round of development: I'll dive into your manuscript for an extensive look at all aspects of your novel, from the first page to the last. My guidance in this first round will focus mainly on macro-level storytelling elements such as structure, pacing, character arcs and worldbuilding. This will take 10–14 weeks, after which I'll send you:

  • Detailed in-text guidance throughout your entire manuscript, marked up in Microsoft Word with the Tracked Changes function.
  • An extensive revision letter that sums up my main suggestions.
  • You'll then have a window of time (you decide the duration when booking; a minimum of 2–3 months is recommended) to look through my feedback and make changes to your manuscript. You can use the built-in coaching hours with me at any time if you'd like to talk through your revisions, need some encouragement or just want someone to bounce ideas off.

    The next stage is a second in-depth development round. I'll give you feedback on the revisions that you've just done, and then I'll go through your manuscript again, this time focusing more on aspects of writing craft: dialogue, point of view, narrative style and the pacing of individual scenes. Again, this will take 10–14 weeks, after which I'll send you:

  • Detailed in-text guidance throughout your entire manuscript, marked up in Microsoft Word with the Tracked Changes function.
  • An extensive revision letter that sums up my main suggestions.
  • You'll then have another window of time to look through my feedback and make more changes to your manuscript. I'll be on hand for more coaching whenever you need me.

    After that, you'll send your revised manuscript back to me for a final review. I'll look at all the changes you've made and give you feedback on what is working really well and what else you could focus on going forward. This will take me 2–3 weeks, after which I'll send you a final revision letter and some guidance on the next steps you could take.

    Receiving Jake’s assistance with a developmental edit of my manuscript was an incredibly beneficial experience. They took into consideration all the different aspects and outcomes each decision in the manuscript led to and offered scenarios that suited both the overall themes of the manuscript and the characters. It was very clear they had a thorough understanding of every part of the manuscript and suggested a range of ideas when needed from the ‘big picture’ right down to syntax structure. – Jennifer Bates, fantasy author

    Add-on services:

    Authenticity reading (also known as sensitivity reading or diversity reading)

    If you’re writing characters with marginalised identities and experiences different from your own, it’s important to get things right—not only to make sure that those characters come across as authentic and convincing, but also to ensure that your book doesn’t perpetuate harmful tropes or stereotypes.

    I will provide authenticity feedback on trans characters—specifically those who are non-binary, genderqueer, agender or transmasculine—and on characters who are aromantic and asexual.

    You will get:

  • Detailed feedback on the portrayal such characters in your work, including guidance towards further resources, where necessary.
  • In-text guidance in the relevant parts of your manuscript, marked up in Microsoft Word with the Tracked Changes function.
  • Where the feedback is on major characters (i.e. they play a significant role in the plot or they feature in over half of the total chapters), I will combine my guidance with the first round of development. If they are minor characters, I will give the feedback in the second round of developmental edits.

    External readers:

    If your novel features characters with marginalised identities or particular intersections of identities outside both of our life experiences, I strongly recommend that you hire external authenticity readers, if you haven't already done so. You can organise this yourself, and we'll incorporate the time needed into the VOYAGE timescale, or—to really streamline the process—you can ask me to deal with the practicalities of hiring the readers, and I'll incorporate their feedback to you within my own editorial 'bundle', so that everything you need during your revision window is in one handy place.

    Marketing package edit

    If you’re planning to self-publish your novel, readers will consider your all-important blurb, the pull quotes you use in marketing, and your author biography when deciding whether to read your book. I will look at these materials and advise you on how to spark readers’ interest in a handful of powerful sentences.

    I will give you feedback on:

  • Your blurb (up to 200 words).
  • Three pull quotes you have chosen from your manuscript.
  • Your author biography (up to 500 words).
  • Submission package edit

    If you’re planning to submit your manuscript to agents and publishers, there’s a lot riding on your query letter, synopsis and the pitches that you might make at writers’ conferences or online. I will look at your submission materials and give you tips on how to write about your novel concisely and compellingly.

    I will give you feedback on:

  • Your query letter (up to one page).
  • Your synopsis (up to three pages).
  • Three pitches (up to 300 words each), so that you have suitable variations at hand for different scenarios.
  • You also have the option to have me look at your first three chapters and give you line-by-line feedback on how you could polish your prose and really capture the reader's attention.

    In addition to in-line edits, Jake provided a detailed summarisation of the feedback as a whole, something I found immensely useful and usable. Rather than simply stating what aspects of my work would benefit from a second look, Jake also explained the reasons why, providing me with the tools to move forward with my work in a more professional and engaging manner. – Ryan Fitzpatrick, science fiction author

    Genre specialisms

    I have expertise in the following areas, for both adult and young adult audiences:

    Hard, soft, scrambled, fried: I’m into all types of science fiction, from near future to far future, pre-apocalyptic to post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk to biopunk to any other type of punk you can come up with. Space opera, military SF, sci-fi horror, sci-fi thrillers, dystopian… You name it, I’m here for it.

    SF authors whose work I love include: Yoon Ha Lee, Nnedi Okorafor, Ann Leckie, Iain M. Banks, Becky Chambers and Tade Thompson.

    I enjoy fantasy at all altitudes: whether it’s high, low or wavering somewhere in the middle. Epic fantasy, portal fantasy, urban fantasy, contemporary fantasy, historical fantasy, mythic fantasy, science fantasy, weird fantasy (the weirder the better!), dark fantasy—the list goes on…

    Fantasy authors whose work I love include: N.K. Jemisin, Terry Pratchett, Marlon James, Ursula K. Le Guin, China Miéville and Tamora Pierce.

    I’m mostly into horror that overlaps with science fiction and fantasy, and particularly books with elements of body horror, bio horror or gothic horror.

    Some of my favourite fiction that contains horror elements includes work by: Caitlin Starling, Kirsty Logan, Rory Power, Sarah Perry, Andrew Michael Hurley and Alice Thompson.

    Mix any of these speculative subgenres with queer and trans characters, and you’ve got extra awesomeness! I also enjoy fiction that centres on LGBTQ+ experiences, no matter the genre.

    Some of my favourite non-speculative LGBTQIA+ fiction includes work by: Akwaeke Emezi, Alice Oseman, Mason Deaver, Dean Atta, Nina LaCour and Michelle Tea.


    Word countCore package price
    up to 80,000 words£3366
    80,000–100,000 words£4092
    100,000–120,000 words£4820
    over 120,000 wordsPlease contact me for a quote
    Add-on servicesAdd-on price
    Authenticity reading
       per major character (trans/aro/ace)£125
       per minor character (trans/aro/ace)£75
       outsourcing fee per external reader£50
    Submission package edit
       supplementary materials only (query, synopsis, pitches)£175
       including polish of first 3 chapters£299
    Marketing package edit£109
    Additional coaching, per hour£35

    Get in touch

    In one small step, take a giant leap for your manuscript! Use this form to contact me (Jake) with any questions you have about the process and to find out when I’m available to set out on your journey with you. It's really helpful if you can include the following information:

  • What genre is your manuscript and who is your intended audience?
  • What is the total word count of your manuscript? Is it finished? Has it gone through any rounds of revision already?
  • What is your end goal: are you aiming to submit your work to agents/publishers, planning to self-publish, or something else?
  • Do you have a particular start/end date in mind?

  • I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

    Jake meticulously combed through my YA novel and gave me excellent feedback on areas where I could use greater detail as well as better character and worldbuilding. Jake delivered their editorial report in an incredibly timely manner, and with absolute professionalism. All writers have blindspots, and I am so glad that Jake approached my book with kindness. Jake asked insightful questions which allowed me to retain direction over my book, and I appreciate their attention to detail. If you're looking for an editor or reader, I heartily recommend Jake's services! – Katelyn Ringrose, YA fantasy author

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