How does the editing process work?

How does the editing process work?

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Your editing journey from start to finish will depend on which package you book, but the general process will look something like this:

1. First contact

Not as scary as it sounds! Whether you know exactly what you want from me or are unsure what your manuscript needs, get in touch for a no-obligation chat about my services.

It’s really useful if you can provide the following information when you contact me:

  • What genre is your manuscript and who is your intended audience?
  • What is the total word count of your manuscript? Is it finished? Has it gone through any rounds of revision already?
  • What is your end goal: are you aiming to submit your work to agents/publishers, planning to self-publish, or something else?
  • Do you have a particular start/end date in mind?

I’ll answer any questions that you have, let you know my availability and ask for any further information I might need.

If I need to look at your manuscript so that I can provide you with a quote, rest assured that I will store any documents that you send me securely and confidentially, in line with my privacy policy.

2. Plotting a course

Once we’ve decided to work together, it’s time to finalise the project details. We will mutually agree the scope of the project and the timeline for the edit. We’ll also sort out payment arrangements, and I’ll ask you to read through my terms and conditions.

To make sure that I direct my edit in the direction most useful to you, I’ll also ask you some more questions about your work. These could include questions about particular aspects of writing that you’d like to improve on, or books that have inspired or influenced your writing.

3. Takeoff! / The journey

This is the bit where you get to sit back, relax and enjoy the view while I work on the edit! During longer projects, I’ll check in with you every now and again to let you know how it’s going.

You can find more specific information about the timeline of each editing package by following the links below:

The VOYAGE option gives you comprehensive guidance
 through the entire revision
 process, typically over the course of 10 to 16 months. It includes
 two full rounds of in-depth
 development, access to coaching,
 a final review of your revised manuscript, plus an array of
 optional add-ons to
 tailor the process to your
 creative goals.

Learn more about the VOYAGE option.

The ACCELERATE option is an intensive period of guided revision over the course of 6 to 8 months. It includes a manuscript evaluation followed by a round of in-depth development. You will also have access to coaching throughout.

Learn more about the ACCELERATE option.

The BOOST option is a stand-alone manuscript evaluation service, to get your revision process off to a stellar start.

Learn more about the BOOST option.

4. Coming in to land

Once I’ve completed the edit, I’ll send all the agreed materials to you. You’ll have the opportunity to ask me any questions, and if the project fee included any coaching hours, you’ll have a window of time in which to ask me for further guidance on your manuscript or related materials. I’ll also ask you for some feedback, so I can continue to improve my services.

5. Your future world

From here on out, it’s over to you! My edit will guide you through possible ways you could move forward with your work, but if you need any further support with your writing, you’ll know where to find me.

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